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Stefan and Elena don’t know how to have fun on a Friday night.

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I actually valued your opinion of me. But since I don’t allow me to educate you.

Firstly the fact that the only material you can come up with to insult me is that I;m “Ugly and look like a guy” is hilarious. Very 5th like. Seeing as I insulted your writing capabilities as an rper and you had to go find something non rp related to insult me about? It’s funny and pathetic really.

Secondly the fact that you are judging me based on my tumblr pic which is as small as hell makes it even more funny.

You then proceed to tell people who actually are my friends that I have none lmfao. All this is based on my top friends on ONE of my profiles. You don’t know me period so please do continue to make assumptions out of your ass.

Thirdly when you have to edit your shit out so you look innocent? That’s even more so amusing.

This is your one and only warning. Knock that childish shit off. It’s not cute. If you’re going to be a bitch then be a bitch don’t pretend to be some innocent little girl and don’t hide behind the persona of your character. Woman up and come up with some new material.

If you were “warned” about me as you so claim (ha!) then you should know I don’t play around. I always have evidence to back up the things I say and I don’t take the pussy way out and block people. Anything I’m saying in here? I’d say to your face no problem. You talk the talk saying you’d have no problem saying this to my face but you’re the one that blocked me so it seems you do have a problem. And you’re saying you blocked me because you were hurt I said we weren’t friends? Well why we were ‘friends’ and I’m using that term very loosely you had no problem running to our mutual friend bitching about what I post on MY tumblr talking shit about me. So get off the morla high ground you have none. Embrace your a bitch and you’re at the bottom of the bitch chain.



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The Vampire Diaries - Episode Posters - 3.22

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ladyof-buffdom-deactivated20120 said: diz iz maggie stalk me

When did you become ghetto?

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“Please, call me Katherine!”

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